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About us


We are Joe and Jojo, the father-son founders of TRNQL. In 2020, we started TRNQL to disrupt harmful tobacco companies, the stigma of hemp, and to promote eco-friendly practices. From our resolve, we see our business as a vehicle to make a significant impact. All this began from witnessing the physical and mental strain of military service members. In addition to the rampant increase of nicotine addiction. Unfortunately, there is a bad stigma associated with hemp, and we need your help to change that.  

Empowered by our city, Norfolk VA, our premium hemp smokes set us apart by offering you a high-quality, healthy, non-addictive smoking alternative, at a fair price. Through social media, we are growing a strong local following first to prioritize our community and as a way to support other local businesses. Go on the journey to, "Find Your Calm."